Central Government

Working with the four UK governments, we create low-cost digital services that deliver great results. Our software platforms are easy to use and can be reconfigured quickly to meet changing needs. And with service expertise that’s second to none, we can deliver successful digital programmes fast.

Local Government

We work with 95% of UK local authorities, helping them to deliver better services at a lower cost. Our software is used to assess claims, manage housing and automate paper processes. Wraparound services like cloud, off-site processing and digital mailrooms make us the right partner for big improvements.


Providing deep insight into all areas of housing management, we help providers to put tenants first, reduce their costs and respond quickly to change. Our software is used by 200 organisations, delivering proactive support to 2 million tenants across the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Police and Justice

Working with police forces and government agencies, we provide the information that’s vital to prevent harm and cut crime. Our software helps frontline officers to make better decisions, streamlines probation and enables the controlled presentation of sensitive data.


Working with government agencies and transport providers, we improve communications during major incidents and deliver cutting-edge digital services. Our touchscreen systems manage phone traffic in train and tube control rooms, and the payment system we built for the DfT collects fees from hauliers from 50 different countries, taking 97% online.


Working with government agencies and hospitals, our software provides the data and insight for better healthcare decisions. We help deliver health screening programmes across the UK and Ireland, support the world’s biggest orthopaedic registry and digitise millions of patient records each year.

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