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Housing Director Roger Birkinshaw takes a look at mobile working

Housing providers want to be more efficient and there’s no shortage of apps to help you. As these tools take more and more admin away from rents, repairs and customer contact you’ll make fewer clicks and have lower costs, but the potential gains are marginal. To get next-level efficiencies, you need to be on the move.

Housing management on the move

We manage our lives on the go because it’s more efficient. No one puts down a phone and fires up a PC to do a two-second search unless they have to, but it’s a daily reality for many providers and it will have to change.

I joined NPS to deliver this shake-up, transforming NPS Housing from a successful system into a game-changing one that enables providers to work anywhere, any time, on any device.

It’s built for mobile and cloud first so you can work in a way that suits you best. Giving staff the ability to resolve queries immediately – even proactively – whether sitting in a contact centre or a resident’s home is why Anchor Housing chose us to help them manage over 50,000 homes. The potential gains are huge.

Great service from any device

Our software is accessible on tablets, smartphones and traditional PCs. It doesn’t tie you to your existing hardware or operating systems either, so if you see something better or cheaper (or both) it makes no difference to us. Whether you prefer Google or Microsoft, Apple or Linux, the choice is yours.

Self-service apps don’t stop working when a resident gets a new phone, so why should your housing management system? We’ve extended the same functionality, convenience and speed that residents can get from self-service to staff.

Ready for the future

We have (unfashionably) delivered our roadmap six months ahead of schedule, which means we’re looking to the future, including how NEC’s cutting edge tech could help providers. However that plays out, we’ll be guided by the need to support better services at a lower cost and to listen to our customers so that we continuously improve our software.

But when it comes to efficiency, it’s not just how much clicking you’re doing that matters any more – it’s where.

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