Citizen Access, the NPS self service platform for Revenues and Benefits, has proved invaluable as Local Authorities face unprecedented challenges and demand. Here are just some of the highlights of a phenomenally busy 12 months for our customers:

  • Citizen Access – Revenues – Making light work of council tax and business rates, citizens have submitted 10 million updates which have been fully automated in NPS R&B;
  • Citizen Access – Benefits – CA-B has seen 250,000 new benefits claims submitted online streamlining housing benefits and council tax reductions across the country;
  • Citizen Access – Self Isolation Payments – Released in October to help councils manage the Test & Trace support payments, CA-SIP has already administered 46,000 applications.

The Citizen Access platform covers Revenues, Benefits, Landlords, Discretionary Housing Payments, Self Isolation Payments, Full Case Review and more! 

With 98 local authorities already engaging online with their citizens using one of the Citizen Access products – could you be next? If you want to learn more about what you could save, our team has worked with customers to develop a Return on Investment calculator to help demonstrate how much you can expect to save with Citizen Access in the next 12 months to 3 years. 

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