Increasing digital engagement can be a real challenge. So we asked some of our customers – London Borough of Sutton, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Lichfield District Council – to share their best practice for increasing the take up of eBilling using NPS Citizen Access.

Citizen Access

NPS Citizen Access is a suite of fully automated and hosted online forms. As a result, it allows Revenues & Benefits departments to deliver better services at a lower cost. It offers flexible questions and makes it easy to engage online. For instance, citizens can do  everything from setting up direct debits to submitting a change in circumstance. 

Tops Tips from Citizen Access Customers

These tips from our customers are a great way to get people to register, sign up for eBilling and increase overall digital engagement:

  • Use your email signaturesprovide hyperlinks to register on your emails, explaining how they can make all their interactions simpler; 
  • Post reminders on social mediatalk to your communications/PR team about promoting  the service on all your digital platforms; 
  • Capitalise on web hits – set up online ‘pop-ups’. This will immediately grab the attention of anyone visiting your e website;
  • Maximise Citizen Access registrations – if people are already signed up, use an email or SMS campaign to promote eBilling;
  • Promote the service internally – remind your employees of the benefits of eBilling so they can sign up and lead the way;
  • Include a unique key on your bills – provide an option to register for eBilling/self-service on your bills. Customers of Citizen Access are able to print a unique key on annual bills which citizens/businesses can use to easily register. 

Long Term Self-Service Advice

The ideas above are relatively quick to do.. So our customers have also emphasised the value of longer-term measures to increase the proportion of bills managed online:

  • Support more vulnerable citizens. Allow approved third parties, such as Citizens Advice or Housing Associations, a level of delegated responsibility to register and submit forms on behalf of the more vulnerable citizens;
  • Provide self-service terminals. Set up desktops or tablets in local contact centres to allow individuals to complete forms, such as a change in circumstances, with assistance on hand should it be needed. 

Thanks to London Borough of Sutton, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Lichfield District Council for their helpful tips. Learn more about the Citizen Access suite and how much it could save your authority by visiting our Citizen Access Self-Service page