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Over the last two years, we have invested 36,500 days of development time into NPS Housing and the results are incredible. Adding to our current in-the-field Housing Management system, our latest asset management system offering is one for the future.

Amazing software will transform social housing providers with intelligent data insight and a CRM that supports the customer journey. We’ve put in the hours so you can reap the rewards and open the door to the future of housing.

Here is what NPS Housing can do:

Open the door to everyone, everywhere with an all-the-time mobile solution

As mobile technology continues to influence many, many aspects of our daily lives, we can see a direct need for businesses to be able to operate from a mobile platform. NPS Housing Assets addresses this need, offering a mobile solution that can be readily accessed by every stakeholder from any location.

Regardless of whether you are a remote admin worker; an on-the-move engineer; a tenant; a housing consultant making visits; or any other type of stakeholder for a housing organisation, with NPS Housing Assets you have direct access to the information you need from any mobile device, 24/7.

This can provide incredible savings in terms of time – no more need for engineers to travel all the way back to the office to fill out and submit paperwork, for example. Now they can do this on the go, freeing up more time for them to make other calls and provide a greater service to your customers.

Open the door rich embedded data insights throughout the solution

Having access to meaningful data about people and properties is critical. This data is what will help guide the right decisions while ensuring operational services are delivered in the right way, at the right time. Likewise, having reliable data enables housing providers to deliver better, more consistent, services and improve customer care and satisfaction.

Many housing providers currently use disparate systems that do not easily bridge key information. Processes (e.g. entering data onto spreadsheets) are all too often done manually and take up too much time, causing inefficiency and raising the risk of error.

NPS Housing offers rich data insight capability, including:

  • Single database with extensive capacity: no need for multiple systems that compromise the quality of people and properties data
  • Powerful dashboards: quickly access key performance indicators which you can drill down to resolve issues within the application
  • High-level reporting: interrogate data within NPS Housing and present it in meaningful ways to aid decision making
  • Data warehouse: create a rich data source to enable complex report building. Use historical reports to highlight trends and patterns
  • Open integration: even where there’s a need to use other systems, NPS Housing makes it easy to integrate systems to share data

Data not being joined up effectively is a common cause of frustration for housing providers’ customers, who have to retell their story whenever they make contact and get different information back depending on who they’re speaking to.

Open the door to a 360-degree view of properties and customers

NPS Housing holds a wealth of information across the system about customers and properties, presenting a single view of information to help manage customer engagements. We offer lots of useful functionality to help staff make better decisions and manage cases more efficiently, For example, with a 360-degree view of customers your staff can:

  • view relevant facts about the customer – are they in arrears with their rent payments? Do they have specific communication requirements, such as a hearing impairment? – which allows staff to make informed decisions about how to manage each case.
  • see history of all activity between the housing provider and customer so the full picture can be understood and each individual case dealt with effectively.
  • add images of customers so they can visualise who they are speaking to.

With important and relevant information about each customer readily available a more consistent and personalised service is provided, no matter who picks up the phone.

A 360-degree view of a property enables an immediate view of each property, including images, which allows staff to visualise precisely what they are discussing. NPS Housing has the ability to drill down into further detail, with information such as whether a property is rent-charged or what its particular attribute details are. This information will aid customer enquiries.

Open the door to a fully integrated CRM

NPS Housing CRM is an integrated module with NPS Housing which enables providers to see a comprehensive, single view of their customer. Anyone in the organisation can engage with a customer and so move towards delivering a consistent level of service.

Among the great benefits of NPS Housing CRM are:

  • the ability to record new communications: Guide customers through a scripted process that is routed based on the specific responses given. Additionally, housing provider teams can use the data back from submitted responses to target specific groups of customers with relevant communications
  • the ability to put customers at the centre of what housing providers do: Processes are designed for the customer, not the housing provider, and so improves customer service. Customer communications are more consistent and the data collected more reliable
  • the ability to organise customer information and tasks: Streamline processes so needs are met and actions resolved in a timely manner

NPS Housing CRM offers the capability of a full CRM solution but at the fraction of the cost because it is an integral part of the NPS Housing solution. By being an intrinsic element of NPS Housing data and processes are immediately available across both solutions. No more complex and often expensive integrations needed.

Open the door to Big Data analytics

Housing providers have enormous volumes of data about their customers and properties at their fingertips. Analysing and making sense of all of this raw data, to draw meaningful conclusions, is not always easy to, particularly with traditional reporting tools.

Big Data analytics, an important feature of NPS Housing, makes it possible to uncover hidden patterns and correlations in data. This will enable you to make better sense of the environment you operate in and inform the decisions to be made.

Key benefits of Big Data analytics include:

  • speed and efficiency of decision makingNPS Housing can help analyse large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. The process of interrogating is sped up, without compromising the performance of the live operational database
  • support customer needs: Analysing data identifies patterns and trends, which helps you to understand how and why things change. Through this, you can predict what might happen in the future and so work towards the interventions to be applied that will prevent these situations arising. For example, identifying that a person is likely to fall into rent arrears.

NPS Housing includes a range of business intelligence tools using state-of-the-art technology which makes it possible to analyse data quickly and efficiently to get immediate answers.


We are absolutely thrilled to be launching NPS Housing Assets – our feature-packed, future-ready addition to NPS Housing.

Contact us now to see exactly what we can do for you.

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