Northgate Public Services (NPS) has robust and proven policies, processes and controls in place to ensure that our customers’ personal data is handled in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act.

We are making a number of changes to our Housing solutions which will support customers to meet the new, more stringent requirements under GDPR:

NPS Housing:

  • The ability to run a batch process to identify and hold people records that are candidates for anonymisation. Candidate records can be reviewed, with links to personal details.
  • The ability to anonymise records in bulk via a new Facilities page. This will not delete records, but replace identifiable data. For example, names and addresses and other text fields will be replaced with ‘xxxx’, date fields with ‘01-JAN-1000’ and numeric fields with ‘99999’. Values can be controlled using system parameters.
  • The new Facilities page will also allow authorised staff to flag that a potential candidate should not be anonymised. This could be due to a person having outstanding former debt, for example.
  • NPS will offer bespoke services to customers with requirements outside of those outlined.
  • For customers using QueryView and the Data Warehouse, as a record is anonymised in NPS Housing, the same anonymised display values will appear in the reporting solution. Report developers will have the option to include or exclude these values. (nb. historic reports should be regularly deleted as part of housekeeping processes. It will be the customer’s responsibility to remove or anonymise any data in historic reports, or data that has been exported into other documents).

The changes to NPS Housing above will be available from February 2018 as a patch to versions 6.16.1 and version 6.15 of NPS Housing.


  • OHMS already offers the ability to anonymise data across a number of modules. This feature will be further enhanced to ensure that data across the system is anonymised in line with GDPR requirements.
  • Reference details of records that have been anonymised will be available in an output file so that other NPS Products, such as Information at Work, or 3rd party systems containing personal data relating to the person(s) can be updated.

The changes identified above will be available in release 58 of OHMS, available in April 2018.


  • Information@Work includes a module to delete documents in accordance with the new GDPR legislation.
  • NPS Housing will be amended to ensure that where a record has been anonymised, the equivalent data in Information@Work is also anonymised.
  • Details of records that have been anonymised in either NPS Housing or OHMS will be passed to Information@Work, so that associated documents can be removed in Information@Work.

NPS Strategic Asset Management (SAM) (also known as Codeman)

  • NPS SAM can hold names against property records, which will need to be manually removed in line with GDPR requirements.

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