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Framework Agreements

NPS has successfully competed to be a supplier to the public sector via a number of frameworks established in accordance with EU public procurement regulations.  Through some of these frameworks public sector customers can procure products and services directly from NPS without having to run a competitive tender process.  The Framework Agreements specify the applicable terms & conditions, and frequently detail the service specifications and pricing.

What Frameworks are we on?

NPS is a supplier under the following framework agreements:

Crown Commercial ServicesCorporate Software Solutions (RM1042)

Technology Services 2 (RM3804)

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 (RM1043.5)

G-Cloud 11 (RM1557.10)
• Lot 4 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
• Lot 5 - Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Solutions
• Lot 6 - Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRS)
Software Solutions
• Lot 7 - Mobile Application Solutions

• Lot 1 - Technology Strategy and Service Design
• Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation
• Lot 3 - Operational Services
    3a - End User Services
    3b - Operational Management

    3c - Technical Management
    3d - Application and Data Management
• Lot 4 - Programmes and Large Projects
4a - Government Official security classification

•Lot 1 - Digital Outcomes
•Lot 2 - Digital Specialists

•Lot 2 - Cloud Software (SaaS)
Scottish Government Digital and Technology Services

Dynamic Purchasing System
•Digital and Technology Services

•Lot 1 - Digital Projects
•Lot 2 - Digital Resources
•Lot 3 - Cyber Security Services
Health Service ExecutiveElectronic Document and Records Management•Lot 1 - Document Scanning Service
•Lot 2 - Electronic Medical Records IT System
•Lot 3 - Combined Document Scanning Service & Electronic Medical Records IT System
ESPO Document Management Solutions

Hampshire County CouncilCouncil Tax Single Person Discount Review Services
NHS SBSRecords Management
Public Health EnglandSpecialist Providers•Lot 13 - Data Collection