By using our software in the NPS Cloud, the London Borough of Southwark was  able to sustain a high-performing Revenues & Benefits service throughout lockdown.

How did Southwark cope well with increased demand?  

As a long standing NPS customer, Southwark was an early adopter of the NPS Cloud and other agile solutions like Information@Work which enabled them to shift to home working right at the beginning of lockdown. 

Director of Exchequer, Dominic Cain, commented on the high levels of productivity his colleagues were able to achieve with our software and cloud services, saying “we couldn’t have faced this challenge without it.”

What challenges did Exchequer Services face during lockdown? 

  • 450% increase in council tax reduction claims (which resulted in an additional £4.3 million in spending) 
  • Distributing £65 million in business grants 
  • Managing an income and expenditure of £800 million 

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