To overcome the challenges of lockdown in 2020, Cheshire East Council called on us to get  experienced and reliable support when they needed it.  

Why does flexibility matter?

With the announcement of a national lockdown that would likely have far reaching consequences for those living in their authority, Cheshire East Council completed a 2 week implementation of support from NPS. With a national lockdown expected to heavily impact revenues and benefits teams, Cheshire East Council took fast action. We provided 8 full time employees (FTEs) capable of switching between revenues and benefits functions demand shifted. Notably, when a backlog of 2,000 NNDR cases occurred in July, we were able to reduce it to less than 150 cases ahead of the closure of grants. 

How do Cheshire East see the partnership? 

We work with multiple teams at Cheshire East – across revenues, benefits and NNDR processing – so they really valued having a great working relationship, especially in a period of great uncertainty. They felt  our support was targeted in exactly the right areas when they needed it, allowing them to best serve their residents.

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