NPS provides a range of reviews to help you generate additional revenue. We’ve worked with councils across the UK to help them benefit from a Single Person Discount Review or Empty Property Review. The latest in our service reviews has proved particularly lucrative for Walsall Council who undertook a project with NPS to review their existing social care packages. 

By ensuring that adult social care packages are accurate, local authorities can make sure that those who most need support are getting the financial help they deserve while reducing fraudulent claims which can lead to significant losses in revenue. 

The benefits are clear for Walsall Council. By recalculating more than 1,000 care packages, Walsall expects to save £624,000 in the next 12 months.

If you would like to understand how the review process works, or hear from Walsall on their expected saving, then please follow the link below to the full details: 

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