Your police force is transforming. We’re here to help.

Digital disruption is happening. You need specialist capabilities and want to retain and equip your workforce. You need to think about how you can deliver change at pace and take everyone on your journey. Your biggest priority is to create safer communities and tackle crime, protecting victims and vulnerable.

Sound familiar?

As a partner to the international policing profession for over 30 years, we’re comfortable with the changing policing landscape. Our teams are on the frontline with you, living and breathing your challenges and priorities.

We’re known for our policing technologies, but we do more than that. For us, it starts and ends with the constant that is tackling crime, keeping communities safe and managing emergencies.

Our technology is quite simply, the enabler, in that equation.

And we’ve got a fair bit covered across our policing and justice toolkit.

Gather all your intel in one place

Proactively protect officers with CONNECT, an intelligent database that records every person, object, location and event, then links all records for never-seen-before policing awareness, that quickly becomes the backbone of the force and your partner agencies.

It gives your officers a single view of the community they’re serving, highlighting threats, risks and crime patterns, before they arrive on scene and is used by 16 police forces internationally, so you’re in safe hands.

Duty management

Promote officer welfare and protect against burnout by helping teams balance work and personal commitments without compromising on service. Manage demand effectively with the right people deployed and reduce time spent managing time, reinvested into reducing crime and saving lives.

Our specialised public safety duty management system is used by 60,000 police officers and employees today to manage their time on duty, overtime and leave.

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Go to the next level with digital forensics

Create a central repository for crime scene evidence and share evidential data across agencies, making it easier for your CSIs to connect to national and local systems and gather everything that’s needed to bring criminals to justice. Take evidence collection mobile for accurate recording every time at the scene of the crime

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Empower your control room operators

Build the contact centre to meet the demands of your community and your teams. Choose which modules you need and decide how you want to deploy, whether that’s on your premises or in the cloud.

  • Dispatch, GIS and mapping
  • Social media management, chatbot & online reporting
  • Integrated radio and telephony
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Use the latest biometrics technology to protect the public

Leverage the latest technologies that mitigate public risk from the most serious and organised crimes including terrorism, exploitation, slavery and trafficking, whilst upholding the highest values of integrity and impartiality. When you choose us, you choose the world’s most trusted biometrics solution, verified by independent panels globally.

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Rehabilitate better

Bring about the positive rehabilitation of offenders in your community and support partnership working across the police and justice sector with all probation activity in one place, placing the emphasis on the individual and not on the system.

Safeguard employees who are interacting with offenders by securely recording and storing rehabilitation sessions, securely stored on the cloud and accessible only by those approved.

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Can we help you build the right toolkit for your agency?

Our team in Australia are on hand to do exactly that.

We’re really proud to work with agencies like yours across government, healthcare, housing and public safety.

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