Single Person Discount reviews that generate no-risk revenue

Our Single Person Discount review service gives you a risk-free route to reducing fraud and error in Council Tax discounts.

We deliver market-leading cancellation rates and get paid by results, which means no upfront fees. Across more than 230 reviews we’ve found in excess of £58m additional revenue. Like identifying a potential extra £940,000 in council tax billing for City of Edinburgh Council.

Market-leading reviews

Great results from one-off, annual and shared reviews

We can generate extra revenue efficiently from individual our shared reviews, for example:

  • Generating £2 million from a district-wide review in Staffordshire
  • Working with London Borough of Croydon to generate £4 million from four reviews
  • Contract with City of Edinburgh Council until 2021
  • Generating over £58m from 230+ reviews

Case studies

SPD reviews for City of Edinburgh Council

We reviewed more than 89,000 records in just 11 weeks, identifying 4% as incorrect claims which meant £940,000 in additional council tax revenue.

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