Biometrics solutions that transform safety, service and efficiency

We offer cutting-edge biometrics solutions to the police, justice, transport and commercial markets.

With world-leading facial recognition software and smart identity management we help to keep people safe, make transport run smoothly and enable global businesses to deliver great customer service.

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Facial recognition software

Our powerful NeoFace® Watch platform is easy to install and configure. Its built-in safeguards make it compliant with even the toughest privacy legislation so you can ensure proportionate use. Live in fifty countries around the world, it’s helping to keep people safe, cut credit fraud, tackle problem gambling and more.

It’s used by South Wales Police to support safer communities and was chosen to streamline customs enforcement at Brazil’s international airports during the Olympic Games in Rio.

NeoFace® Watch

Secure identity management

Our fingerprint and iris recognition technologies can streamline access control and get the right services to the right people.

Highly secure, accurate and more efficient than traditional identity checks, it can transform how you work in a whole range of areas, from secure accommodation to custody suites and transport hubs.

Our technology is supporting the Home Office biometrics programme by reviewing and matching lower-quality crime scene fingerprints.

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