Innovative central government solutions

Our central government solutions combine our leading software, cloud hosting and service expertise.

This means our digital services work seamlessly across multiple layers of government. They support central departments, shared services and local authorities alike.

We specialise in multi-platform services that make a real difference to users. For example, we built the foreign operator payment system for the HGV Levy. This GOV.UK service accepts many different payment methods using any device from hauliers based in 60 different countries.

our solutions

Streamlining penalty charge appeals

We provide the London Tribunals service on behalf of London Councils. This supports the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators and the Road User Charging Adjudicators, the independent tribunals that consider appeals against penalty charge notices issued by London’s local authorities and Transport for London.

We provide full IT management, case management software, document scanning and processing services, helping this complex regulatory service to run smoothly and efficiently. From April 2019, the service will include TfL’s new Ultra-Low Emission Zone scheme, the world’s first 24 hour low emission zone.

Complex registries that work for all users

We run two registries on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The first holds details of domestic energy efficiency assessments and improvement plans to support the government’s Green Deal policy.

The second allows landlords of non-domestic properties with poor energy efficiency ratings to apply for exemptions to allow the property to be rented. Both registries provide public facing websites as well as real-time interfaces to multiple systems.

Case studies

HGV Levy for the DfT

We built the foreign operator payment system for the HGV Levy, which is a time-based charge on hauliers. Within six months of contract signature we launched the service on GOV.UK.

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Organ Donor Register

NHS Blood and Transplant wanted to make it easier for people to sign up, register their preferences or nominate others. We built the new register on behalf of NHSBT and the four UK governments.

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Digital solutions that make a difference

We have over 20 years’ experience supporting complex government services. It means we’re uniquely placed to build digital solutions that deliver for users and funders alike. We offer:

  • Advanced software: multiple platforms that can be customised to match clients’ needs
  • Great services: from data management and reporting to fully-managed services in multiple languages
  • Flexibility: ability to scale services up and down to match demand
  • Expertise: highly skilled teams with in-depth knowledge of the sectors they serve

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