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With 120,000 active users in almost every service area, our electronic document management system leads the market.

Information@Work automates the lifecycle of documents, forms, emails and more. It means that every piece of information is easier to store, route, annotate and share.

Web-based and intuitive, it works on any device to deliver great results from day one.

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Case studies

Mid Sussex move to Information@Work Enterprise

“We chose Information@Work Enterprise because it’s cost-effective, well-used across local government and continually updated. It’s 100% the right choice for us.”

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Information@Work Email Connect makes a difference at Hastings

After going live with Information@Work Enterprise, the revenues and benefits team at Hastings has reduced the paperwork associated with email enquiries by 90%.

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Delivering a paperless office for Sandwell

The Revenues and Benefits team at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council delivers great services efficiently by keeping trained staff focused on customers, not paper.

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Reducing office space for Redbridge

Digitising 13m archived documents allowed Redbridge to reduce office space and deliver instant access to historical records.

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Scanning and digital mail services

Our team provides end-to-end support for the paperless office. As well as great software, we offer a range of services for cost-effective document management.

Our high-capacity scanning service uses the latest data-capture technology. This means easy access to accurate records and no expensive paper storage. We also help staff to send, process and receive mail at their desktop so they can stay focused on delivery.

Scanning and digital mail
Karen Reece
General Manager - Local Government

Responsible for revenue generation in a number of Northgate Public Services Local Government businesses.

Tim Campbell
Business Operations Manager

Responsibilities include Development, Support, Implementation Services,Technical Services, Consultancy, Pre-sales, Sales Support, Solution Architecture, Offshore Development and Product Management.

Trevor Wilkins
Product Manager

At NPS and its predecessors, Sx3 and FirstSoftware, I have managed the production and delivery of a number of applications including, EDMs. 

Viv England
Service Delivery Manager

Responsibilities include: Managing Mailroom element of document services operations. New client on-boarding, quality assurance, customer service and client management.

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