Next-generation software for environment and planning

ASSURE creates effortless, high-quality services across all areas of environment and planning.

Its ten solutions streamline every transaction, application and inspection so that you can radically improve efficiency. The mobile apps then provide everything you need to get more productive in the field.

ASSURE gives you the power to work differently, like cutting out paper processes and building self-service forms in minutes.


Supporting all areas of environment and planning:

  • Building Control
  • Planning
  • Licensing
  • Environmental Health
  • Trading Standards
  • Private Sector Housing
  • Land Charges

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ASSURE at a glance

Create public-facing services in an instant

Self-service means a great customer experience and more time to focus on complex cases. With ASSURE you can build your own forms and make them public at the touch of a button.

You can configure the forms to match your other systems and even make them available through your corporate site. Every element can be customised, so if you need to swap a logo or add some help text, you can.

Case studies

Environmental protection in North Norfolk

North Norfolk District Council chose ASSURE as it could manage a whole range of areas. “ASSURE is web-based so it ticks all the boxes for flexibility, agility and self-service.” James Wilson, Environmental Protection Manager, North Norfolk

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70% more inspections at North Devon

North Devon uses our mobile Food Hygiene solution to deliver 70% more inspections. “It’s delivering a much better service and has completely changed the work life balance of our inspectors.”  Richard Fowler, North Devon Council

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Transform efficiency with our mobile apps

Our mobile apps are built for the specific needs of each function. They’ll help you complete your day in the field and deliver up to 70% more inspections.

You can download, update and upload everything you need for inspections, across building control, planning and food hygiene. You can also use GPS to match resources to priority cases.

By emailing inspection reports while still on site you can deliver great customer services and a quick turnaround.

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