World-leading facial recognition software

NeoFace® Watch is the world’s most trusted facial recognition software. It performs consistently across age, ethnicity and gender because it combines the best feature-matching and AI technologies.

The built-in safeguards support proportionate use, with false hits removable in two clicks and non-matching data deleted.

It’s why NeoFace® Watch has been chosen by organisations in more than 50 countries to protect the public, transform customer service and improve efficiency.

NeoFace Watch

Case studies

Safer communities for South Wales Police

NeoFace® Watch is being used by South Wales Police to help them deliver safer communities. It’s supporting targeted enforcement at major events, like the Wales National Airshow and pop concerts.

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Identifying Australian WW1 soldiers

The Australian War Memorial is trialling the use of NeoFace® Watch to identify hundreds of unknown soldiers. This comes after nearly 4,000 images taken on glass plates in 1916 were found in a suitcase and donated.

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Great results in real time

NeoFace® Watch delivers fast and accurate results, even with huge volumes of data, devices and users. You can also configure the platform at every stage to stay in line with national privacy laws and best practice.

NeoFace® Watch is proven to deliver targeted enforcement in the public safety and transport markets as well as improved operations in retail, leisure and financial services:

  • GATHER: Collects facial images from your approved sources, like video streams or stills
  • ASSESS: Detects and creates a small template for each unique face, getting ready for matching
  • MATCH: Compares the templates against live or still database to find (and store) matches
  • REACT: Sends real-time alerts of possible matches as well as tools that help users to confirm them

In short, NeoFace® Watch gives you the confidence to act fast. This means you can transform how you work, wherever you work.

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