Health registries that provide the evidence for better healthcare

Health registries hold detailed evidence on treatment outcomes so that doctors can identify exactly the right option for their patients.

Our secure platform collects high-quality data easily and quickly. This means meaningful comparisons can be made over time between procedures, patient groups, clinicians, devices and hospitals.

We help to track the long term outcomes from neurological, vascular and orthopaedic surgery and support the global rating and safe introduction of new medical devices.

Our registries platform

Case studies

National Joint Registry

The NJR helps to improve the outcomes from joint replacement surgery in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man. It holds data on over 2.5m procedures to support innovation and improve patient safety.

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NHS Organ Donor Register

NHS Blood and Transplant wanted to make it easier for people to sign up, register their preferences or nominate others to make decisions on their behalf. The new NHS Organ Donor Register went live in July 2015.

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Safe innovation with Beyond Compliance

Beyond Compliance supports the safe introduction of new or modified medical devices through real-time performance monitoring.

Using the National Joint Registry and other data sources, an independent panel of experts works with manufacturers to understand the relative risk of a new product. They set an appropriate rate of introduction and then closely monitor the results so that any issues can be identified immediately.

ODEP device rating

The Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP) includes leading surgeons from the UK and Europe and experienced non-clinical staff.

The Panel reviews orthopaedic implants and awards a rating. This kick-starts a long-term benchmarking process where devices can be compared accurately over time. The Panel also mandates ongoing submission of data to ensure ODEP-rated products continue to meet benchmark performance.

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