Smart health screening for early intervention

Successful screening programmes depend on accurate information.
That’s why our health screening solutions integrate fully with all test equipment. They enable seamless and rapid data capture so you can track the screening process at every stage.

By providing end to end support for scheduling, test results, correspondence and more, we help to ensure a safe, reliable and consistent service. This means faster identification, timely diagnosis, effective treatment and maximum coverage.

Diabetic eye screening

OptoMize is a cloud-based solution that was designed by clinicians, for clinicians. It features deep automation and bespoke imaging tools to minimise administration, reduce costs and improve productivity.

The software can be easily configured to meet the needs of local programmes. OptoMize is used across England to screen 50,000 patients each month for diabetic eye disease.

NPS OptoMize

Newborn and adult health screening

Our SMaRT solution was developed for the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme and now supports a range of national and international programmes.

SMaRT helps ensure that everyone is screened consistently, every time. It takes screeners through a clearly defined pathway and records data at the key points, in line with best practice. It also makes compliance easier, with simple tracking and reporting of screening KPIs.




Cost-effective screening services

As well as market-leading software we also deliver fully managed services. We manage diabetic eye screening at 1,200 sites in England, testing around 50,000 patients every month for retina damage and sight loss.

In Ireland, we manage the newborn hearing screening process on behalf of the Health Service Executive. We employ trained screeners and audiologists in maternity hospitals across the country and deliver to accredited international standards.

Find out about our screening services.

Delighted to receive a 1st commendation for Best Use of IT at the 2020 Irish Healthcare Awards with our newborn hearing screening programme. It’s great to be delivering such worthwhile services and we’re proud to see our team’s hard work and success acknowledged. Many congratulations!

Case studies

Newborn Hearing Screening

We’ve supported England’s Newborn Hearing Screening Programme since 2002. It’s screened over 10 million babies and helped to reduce the time it takes to diagnose hearing loss from three years to three months.

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AAA screening

We support England’s AAA screening programme, helping to prevent life-threatening aneurysms in over 1,000 men. We help ensure every man turning 65 is offered an appointment and capture ultrasound images for assessment and referral.

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Newborn Hearing Screening delivered across Ireland

The Newborn Hearing Screening Service demonstrates how excellent service can be achieved by building close partnerships with clinicians, public health nurses, midwives, charities and parents.

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Newborn and adult health screening

Our SMaRT software and services are built specifically for health screening. This means they can be configured easily to match different care pathways. We’re helping to screen for:

  • hearing loss in babies for the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
  • abdominal aortic aneurysm for men over 65 in England
  • a range of conditions for England’s Newborn Infant Physical Examination programme
  • inherited conditions like sickle cell disease for the Newborn Bloodspot Screening Programme in England
  • hearing loss, heart conditions and metabolic disorders for the Max Hospital Group, a private health provider with hospitals across India

In India, our babysafe app also helps parents to ensure children get essential vaccines at the right time.

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