Diabetic eye screening software that leads the market

Our purpose-built eye screening software streamlines the process from end to end.

OptoMize is a cloud-based solution that was designed by clinicians, for clinicians. It features deep automation and bespoke imaging tools to minimise administration, reduce costs and improve productivity.

The software can be easily configured to meet both the national and local needs of programmes. It’s in use throughout the UK and internationally, screening over 100,000 patients per month for diabetic eye disease in England alone.

NPS OptoMize

Deep expertise

OptoMize identifies retinopathy and maculopathy to help reduce the risk of sight loss. The result of 25 years’ experience, it also streamlines booking, testing and referral.

OptoMize provides great support for patients and clinicians. It’s easy to book appointments and ensure the right data gets collected. It cuts out paperwork and alerts users to missed information to keep coverage high. The central database also creates an efficient and secure environment to support clinical research and audit.

It’s easy to access too – you can find us on G-Cloud.

Efficient managed services

We also offer fully managed services. This includes screening, grading, failsafe management, reporting, clinical leadership, administration and booking, including call/recall management.

Our expert teams screen around 50,000 patients each month and have won awards for their patient engagement strategies. They use our leading OptoMize solution to streamline the process at every stage.

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