Pathways for Youth Offenders

Pathways is a web-based case management solution designed by experienced youth justice workers.

Secure and efficient, it offers instant access to information on any device. Built to work seamlessly with the Youth Justice Board’s AssetPlus system, it also cuts out re-keying, streamlines reporting and makes collaboration easy.

With a complete view of interventions and risks, as well as partner activity, you can deliver proactive support that makes a real difference.

See all probation activity in one place

Interventions Manager gives you the power to plan, manage and report on all activities. From attendance to educational achievements, it comes with advanced scheduling tools and provides a complete picture. This means you can cut out manual processes and make the right decision every time.

Interventions Manager is helping to streamline activity across the justice sector. It’s used effectively by the National Probation Service, community providers and prisons.

Record secure files on a smartphone

Media Manager lets you record accredited sessions on a smartphone and upload the files to a secure cloud system.

By replacing tapes and DVDs it makes information easier to record, store and review.

Media Manager integrates with case management systems so you can automatically link a session to someone’s record. It also automates compliance with the latest data protection regulations.

Present digital information efficiently

We make it easy to present digital data in controlled environments. Hearings Manager is ideal for tribunals and inquiries where information must be tracked. It offers simple collation, secure storage and automated audit trails – right down to the individual page on display.

Compared to paper processes, it can save up to £400,000 a year by enabling digital presentations of technical drawings, video and photographs.

Educate effectively in the secure estate

Education Manager provides an administration and security layer for Google and Microsoft education platforms. It means teachers can set courses, mark work and provide feedback online. Even when students are in secure accommodation like prisons or secure training centres.

Using pre-configured Chromebooks or Linux devices, teachers and our security-cleared staff can monitor all use. They can also lock down access where needed. It helps students to continue their studies whether they are connected to a network or not.

Control access with biometrics

We offer a range of biometrics solutions for the justice sector. Our experience with iris, fingerprint and facial recognition technologies make us the ideal partner to support ongoing investigations and improve access controls.

By identifying known individuals attending secure visitor centres, we can help officers working in police, prisons and probation to operate efficiently and keep people safe.

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