Advanced biometrics for targeted policing

With world-leading software and deep expertise, we offer advanced biometrics solutions. Across fingerprint, iris and facial recognition, we help officers to deliver targeted enforcement and keep people safe.

Our facial recognition software is used by South Wales Police and we support the Home Office biometrics programme by reviewing and matching lower-quality fingerprints.

We’re also working with a number of UK police forces to explore the integration of facial recognition tools with our CONNECT platform.

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Police software that powers the frontline

The CONNECT platform cuts out paperwork and makes information on crime and harm prevention immediately available. Its powerful applications support faster investigations, better intelligence, safer custody and more successful prosecutions.

Chosen by 16 UK forces, CONNECT gives officers the right information to make better decisions.


Duty management made easy

Our duty management system is used by more than 60,000 officers and staff across the UK. Web based and user friendly, it’s easy to book on and off duty, request leave and manage overtime on any device.

It has the latest police welfare regulations built in and comes with great analytics tools for highly efficient scheduling.

Duty management

Complete support for your control room

We’ve got the software and expertise to provide end to end support. From cloud-based contact management to intelligent dispatch and advanced GIS, we can help you achieve the best possible response.

Our solutions are used in every UK police force and in 70 countries around the world.

Control rooms

Efficient enforcement from start to finish

Our software streamlines the management of camera and non-camera detected offences.

With connections to the PentiP national system, our solutions make it easy to respond to camera evidence online, issue traffic offence reports on the move and streamline adjudication.

Civil enforcement

End-to-end forensics management

Our forensics software enables officers, investigators and laboratory staff to maintain a complete chain of custody when analysing, sharing and presenting crime scene evidence.

It provides a single, accurate and up to date view that can be shared across agencies to remove duplication.


Intelligent GIS for police analysts

Our xd solution helps police analysts to identify trends and patterns efficiently. It uses the Home Office-approved evidential mapping solution to plot cell mast sites and cell phone locations.

You can also share map-based data easily with our browser-based xWeb solution.

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