Cut out re-keying with Mobile TOR

Mobile TOR lets you issue Traffic Offence Reports and generate Officer Witnessed forms without re-entering data.

It comes with built-in GPS and offline mobile, so you can access everything you need to issue reports at the roadside. Officers can verify people’s details, issue the offence, explain the outcome and get the Officer Witnessed form sent to PentiP – all without returning to the station.

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Self-service for safety camera offences

Our Public Access enforcement software lets the public view safety camera evidence on any device.

After viewing the evidence they can either accept the notice of intended prosecution or nominate a different driver. The nomination process then triggers an amended notice to be issued automatically.

With a direct connection to PentiP as well as your own local systems, it can cut information requests by 50% and free up valuable staff time.

Easy verification of offences and evidence

Our Adjudication software gives staff a complete view of all the evidence.

The connection to PentiP means that once you register a decision to prosecute the offence data is automatically transferred. Our software is then updated once a notice of intended prosecution has been issued.

Even adding new data is easy, with information entered in one system appearing automatically in the other.

Case studies

Online services for GMP

We’re helping Greater Manchester Police to streamline traffic offence management, making the process more convenient for the public and more efficient for the force.

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Traffic camera enforcement at Avon & Somerset Police

Avon & Somerset Police is using our Public Access System to help reduce administration and allow the public to review evidence for speeding and red light offences.

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Making enforcement easier for Lancashire Police

Our Public Access software has cut out re-keying and delivered smartphone-ready services, enabling efficient enforcement.

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Enforcement software that makes a difference

Our enforcement software streamlines the process at every stage. We help to cut out re-keying, save on postage and printing and free up staff for higher value work. We also help you deliver great customer service on any device.

With 20 years’ experience, including development of the national PentiP system, we can  deliver exceptional efficiency for Central Ticket Offices and Safety Camera Partnerships.

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