The right information for better decisions

CONNECT gives you the confidence to act fast by providing instant access to accurate information.

It helps officers to assess threat, harm and risk in real time to keep people safe. It also strips out manual work and enables remote authorisation, so you can direct resources where they’re needed most.

CONNECT’s growing range of solutions are easily combined and connected to other systems. This future-proofs your investment so you can respond to new challenges fast.

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Future-proof police software

CONNECT is designed to grow, so the platform’s G-Cloud solutions all manage data in the same way. There are core modules for Investigations, Intelligence, Custody and Case Preparation as well as options for:

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Evidence
  • Mobile
  • Partner Platform
  • Public Engagement
  • Property Management
  • Missing Persons

You can also add our leading Forensics software to your CONNECT suite.

Build a single version of the truth

At the heart of CONNECT is an intelligent database called POLE. Every Person, Object, Location or Event is added once then linked to other records. Data is also validated at the point of entry to avoid duplication. The result is a single, accurate and real-time knowledge base.

That’s why CONNECT makes such a difference at the frontline. Officers responding to a call can be alerted instantly that there’s a firearm – or vulnerable person – connected to that address. Access can be locked down to specific users too, which makes it ideal for partnership working.

Integrate cutting-edge biometric tools

We’re helping a number of UK police forces to explore the integration of facial recognition tools with CONNECT.

While a standalone system can help locate known individuals and transform the enforcement process, deep integration will deliver the biggest possible benefit. For example, images uploaded to an investigation in CONNECT would be automatically checked against the database and officers alerted to a potential match. This could reduce the amount of time taken to identify a suspect from weeks to seconds.


Engage your partners and the public

Using access-controlled data, all partners can work towards the same goal. You can also assign tasks, check progress and share action plans without the paperwork.

We make public engagement easier too. Our simple online platform allows people to book appointments as well as support investigations. The data they submit can be taken straight into CONNECT and correctly linked, without re-keying.

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Find out more

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