Citizen Access transforms self-service

Our Citizen Access solutions work brilliantly on any device to deliver great customer service 24/7.

Available for Revenues, Benefits and Landlords, Citizen Access can cut phone calls and walk-ins by up to 50% and save you up to £340,000 each year.

The real-time connections to the back office mean you get automated alerts, no re-keying and extra time to help those in need.


features and benefits


Easy sign-in, even for complex tasks

For viewing statements or setting up eBilling you can sign people in through their customer portal accounts. It uses information already held in NPS Revenues & Benefits.

You can set up accounts for contact centre staff too. This means they can find and update customer information without having to access the back office system.

Case studies

Deep automation at Hounslow

London Borough of Hounslow chose Citizen Access to streamline their self-service offer. They now see 50% fewer phone calls and 45% fewer walk-ins. They also have more accurate data because re-keying is a thing of the past.

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Citizen Access Benefits at St Albans

Before moving to Citizen Access, staff spent a lot of time handling paper. They also received a lot of phone calls and walk-in enquiries as only 6% of claims were made online. Now, it’s 90% and processing times are faster too.

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Managing all types of claims, changes and enquiries
for customers, landlords and partners

Our Citizen Access solutions are processing more than 50,000 transactions each day. We offer a wide range of online forms for Council Tax, Business Rates and Benefits:

  • Apply or cancel discounts
  • Apply for disregards
  • Notify change of name or address
  • Set up or amend Direct Debits
  • New claims
  • Notify change or circumstances
  • Register for and view e-notifications

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