Transport solutions that can transform how you work

From touch-screen control room software to world-class biometrics, we help transport providers to keep things moving.

Our solutions are used at ports, airports, railways and tube lines to streamline communications, improve customs enforcement and locate known individuals.


Biometrics software for targeted enforcement

Our NeoFace® Watch facial recognition platform is ideal for ports and airports needing to improve enforcement and locate known individuals.

It was chosen by the Brazilian tax authority, Receita Federal, to tackle the expected increase in smuggling during the Olympic Games in Rio. Passengers walking through the customs area of every international airport were compared with a list of known individuals. When a match was found, the customs officer could follow standard inspection procedures. 

NeoFace® Watch

Touch-screen communications for rail

CallTouch is a touch-screen solution that makes it easier to manage incoming contact during major incidents.

Calls from multiple telephone platforms are shown on a single screen with clear caller IDs. This gives you more control over call queues. One-touch ‘hot keys’ also reduce the time it takes to make multiple calls.

CallTouch is used daily in Network Rail’s Regional Operating Centres and by London Underground, helping to manage the capital’s busiest tube lines.

smart contact

Efficient support for rail and tube control rooms

CallTouch has over 300 daily users across UK. By taking in live CCTV feeds as well as SMS/MMS contact, it means operators can make better decisions using accurate information from colleagues on the ground. Staff can also manage their call queue more efficiently because it presents calls in priority order.

It’s designed to connect – not replace – existing communication methods. This means you can work more efficiently without needing new hardware.

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